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MacNutâ„¢ Facts
The Healthiest Oil You Can Eat
Until recently, anyone wanting to prepare meals in a health-conscious fashion had to compromise when it came to cooking oils. You either sacrificed flavor and performance on the stove for the sake of health, or you threw health concerns to the wind to satisfy your taste buds.
Fortunately there is now an all natural alternative.
MacNut™ Oil is, quite simply, the finest oil available— more healthful than olive oil, more stable than canola, and more delicious than either.
We begin with the finest tree-ripened macadamia nuts and mechanically cold press them using no solvents or chemicals. This traditional method of extracting the oil ensures the highest quality and preserves the superb aroma and taste—that’s what makes MacNut™ Oil the gold standard. And, because MacNut™ Oil is the only oil we process, there is no risk of cross-contamination with other nuts.
MacNut™ Oil’s naturally high levels of monounsaturated fats and antioxidants give it a very long and stable shelf life, even if left un-refrigerated.

The Macadamia Nut Story
Macadamia trees, with their glossy, evergreen leaves, are native to the subtropical rainforests of Australia. They were called Kindal Kindal trees by the Aborigines, who supplemented their diet with their nuts for many thousands of years before being “discovered” and farmed by European settlers. Baron Ferdinand von Mueller, one of Australia’s most important 19th century botanists, cataloged the tree in 1857 and named it after his friend, John Macadam, M.D., a lecturer at the Philosophical Institute in Victoria, Australia.
Macadamia orchards were first established in Australia, to cultivate the trees for ornamental use, but soon the rich flavor of the nut was discovered and by 1856 the tree was being cultivated for its nuts. In 1882, seeds were planted in Hawaii; however, Australia still leads the world in macadamia production, followed by Hawaii, South Africa, Kenya and Guatemala.

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